Mechanical Systems Firestopping

Mechanical Systems Firestopping in Dubai, UAE

Whenever a fire breaks out, most people will use a fire extinguisher or wait for the sprinklers to quell the flames. Although these devices can actively put out the fire, they can’t do much once the fire has already engulfed a large part of the building.

As such, property owners need to equip systems that can snuff out or control the spreading of the flames. One most recommended and effective approach is to install a firestop system.

A firestop system is designed to compartmentalize fire and smoke in their areas of origin. This way, it can minimize the effects of fire damage and allow evacuees to vacate the premises safely. However, it can’t protect you or your building effectively if the firestopping equipment is installed incorrectly. It’s crucial that the sealant is applied to certain areas of your property, just like the mechanical systems.

How Mechanical Firestopping Helps

The mechanical systems (e.g. pipes and air ducts) are typically installed through penetration. During construction, builders need to create openings to let the equipment pass through. Unfortunately, there are many professionals who tend to forget to close the spaces between the wall and the firestop system.

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If these holes remain open, smoke and toxic gasses can easily pass through. However, by covering the gaps with a special fire-resistant firestopping sealant, they have a greater chance of blocking hazardous substances from infiltrating adjacent rooms.

Control and Minimize the Threat of Fire Disasters with Firestopping

Contact Firestop Middle East if your medical facility, industrial building, commercial, or high rise residential property in Dubai, UAE needs a firestop system. Our company is a single-source contractor that specializes in installing firestopping systems in various areas of your building. These include the following mechanical systems:

  • HVAC ducting and dampers
  • Self-supported and unsupported systems
  • Non-metallic pipes like PVC, ABS, PP, PVDF, FRP, etc.
  • Single and multiple metallic pipes such as steel and cast iron
  • Insulated pipes made from glass, fiber, molded plastic, or FoamGlas

We can even improve your property’s security and enhance its performance by doing the following:

  • Supply and install acoustic cladding around PVC drainage pipes
  • Supply and install acoustic baffles in environments where privacy and sound control are of utmost importance
  • Block-out situations to numerous mixed penetrating systems

All of our firestopping materials are tested, certified, and approved by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and meet the standards set by the ASTM. Our technicians are also fully licensed to carry out these tasks to ensure that your building follows proper safety regulations.

If you’re interested in our mechanical system firestopping services, give us a call at +9714 4508061. Our customer service representatives will be more than happy to give you a free estimate and schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience. Contact us today to learn more!

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